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Wall-Mounted Dry Food 6-Grid Cereal Food Storage Container


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  • Space-Saving Design: The wall-mounted dry food storage container is designed to save valuable countertop or pantry space by mounting it on the wall, utilizing vertical storage.
  • 6-Grid Organization: The container features six separate grids, providing individual compartments for storing different types of dry foods such as cereals, grains, snacks, or nuts.
  • Clear Visibility: The transparent construction of the container allows for easy visibility of the stored food items, making it convenient to identify and access what you need.
  • Airtight Seal: Each grid is equipped with an airtight lid, ensuring the freshness and longevity of the stored food by preventing air and moisture from entering.
  • Easy Dispensing: The container is designed with a convenient dispenser opening for each grid, allowing for easy pouring or scooping of the desired amount of food.


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